Mfactor Product Marketing Video

Just wrapped up another project for our clients at META — a mograph overview video for their new product Mfactor. It was completed and ready to play this week at the HOW Design Live conference in Chicago, where they are a major sponsor. We created a 2 min version, along with a shorter, 30 sec version. It all turned out nice!

Product video Carpool created working with our clients —the META team.

Bravo for us!

So, we were a little blindsided last week. The good people at the Iowa City/Coralville Area CVB invited us to attend their end of the year luncheon. You may have seen our post earlier about the RAGBRAI arch we designed and created for Iowa City and the CVB back in July. We were told this lunch was a recognition and “thanks” for helping out.

Much to our horror at the moment—yet delight now—we were awarded a 2018 Bravo Award. So awesome! We were really honored to be included among the other incredible award winners. We love working with the CVB, ICDD, ICAD and all our local community organizations! So proud to live in a community that supports the arts and understands the impact of great design!

CVB Bravo Award.jpg

Another video in the books - Urban Acres Brand Video

Well, we’ve done just a god-awful job at keeping up the blog. I guess it’s time to just make our peace with the fact that we’re more “occasional” posters. Ah, well. In truth, our talents lie elsewhere, like creating really great videos for local brands!

We recently had the opportunity to team up with the swell folks at MELD and their client Urban Acres to create their first brand video. Urban Acres is a unique realtor company doing things in a different way. MELD and Kevin Mellon did an amazing job designing really stunning branding and we loved thinking differently about how to approach this video.

Wow... It's been a while

We're really good at a lot of things, but keeping up on the blog isn't one of them. So hard to find the time in the day to knock out a post every once in a while, but so important!

We'll do better — promise!

It's been a crazy year so far, this 2018. Lot's going on. One project we really got to sink our teeth into just wrapped up last weekend. RAGBRAI (huge, annual bike ride across Iowa) had a stop in Iowa City which hasn't happened in like 47 years. Crazy.

The CVB and downtown group asked us to design an entrance arch to welcome the 50k+ riders into town. So we dove in head first, and came up with a solution that included the existing Iowa City RAGBRAI logo along with city landmarks and buildings and notable authors who have roots in Iowa City.  It was a monumental task, and at times touch and go. Couldn't have done it without a lot of partners, volunteers, and the Iowa City road crew, but we love how it turned out.



Carpool MoGraph Reel 2016

Well, we've had a helluva year so far, and we wanted to pull together some of the mograph highlights to date. We've been fortunate to have great clients, that allow us to do some fun, creative work.

We're pulling together a video reel as well, but for now see what you think.  

The Genius of DiVinci

OK, we're not claiming to match DiVinci in the genius department, but the production software WorkGroups DaVinci and this new mograph marketing video could be considered a close 2nd. 

The goal for this video was to create something fun, bright, lively, creative AND something that could be used with, or without audio - so, on a website, and in a trade show booth for example. 

The mantra at META is "Made for Creatives, by Creatives" and this project was no different. We enjoyed working with their team to create this mograph video they'll be showing at their booth at the HOW design conference in Atlanta starting today.

15 Seconds is... really hard.

Often times, with motion graphics, it can be challenging to fill a lot of time - like 5 or 6 mins (or god forbid, more than this) - with engaging, exciting graphics and animation and keep the viewer interested. No one in this current landscape of web video should be making videos anywhere near this duration anyway, but recently, we were challenged in a different way.

One of our main clients needed a 15 second mograph ad. The video is being aired on the Channel 1 system in a number of high schools across the country, and required to come in at or under the 15 second mark - no more.

This proved to be far more challenging than we imagined, and frankly, it would have been easier to produce a 6 minute video as mentioned above. That said, we loved the challenge, and we think we succeeded. The client was thrilled with the outcome. 

We also created a slightly longer version for their International business. 

(Due to sensitivity of the content, we cannot display the final video here.)

More Pretty Stuff!

We at Carpool have been busy! We've got some larger projects lined up, and doing pre-work on, but also knocking out some sharp motion graphics videos along the way. We just wrapped this one up for a client. It's a companion piece to the earlier video we produced a few months ago. This project included a video as well as developing the graphics/icons used for the 4 separate categories. 

Have a look-see!

New Learning Makes Us Video Commercial

So, we have a few members of the Carpool Collective who work at Pearson (you may have noticed the video samples in the "Work" section...). Because of this, we of course don't do work for Pearson, but, Eric just finished the new Learning Makes Us Commercial to work with the upcoming LMU campaign to be used across all marketing for North America, scheduled to launch soon. Our script writer Cary did the wordies for it.

It was rolled out at a recent Higher Ed Conference - Educause - in late October, and the response has been pretty huge.

Anyway, check it out.

Things are Revving up

So, things are coming together swimmingly. Making some great connections with organizations, adding more talent to the collective, and getting some good projects lined up, and CARPOOL is ticking like a Swiss watch. We'll post some updates soon with some new projects and how they're chuggin' along. 

Meantime, we just wrapped up a nice little motion graphics piece last Friday. It's always a challenge finding ways to give words and graphs some personality and make a video like this engaging, but considering the quick turn-around, we were happy with how this one turned out.

(Due to sensitivity of the content, we cannot display the final video here.)

We have some new motion graphics series and video projects lining up.

More to come. Stay tuned.


Like a Phoenix

Remember several years ago? When the world was a better place? Everything just seemed... better. Everyone everywhere had a palpable zest for all things creative - a passion, nay insistence, for aesthetically beautiful things? Things that functioned AND moved with beauty and sophistication? Yeah, we do, too.

What happened?

It would be difficult to look past the obvious connection between this recent, cold void in the creative universe, and the disappearance of the original iteration of the Carpool Creative Collective some years ago.

Clearly, the two things go hand-in-hand, forever intertwined in history. Cause and effect. With every action... a reaction. Without order... chaos. etc., etc.

So, we are bringing the Carpool back. Streamlined. Efficient. More power under the hood. We're doing this for the greater good, for humanity, and for you. 

We love you.

 - Carpool