Like a Phoenix

Remember several years ago? When the world was a better place? Everything just seemed... better. Everyone everywhere had a palpable zest for all things creative - a passion, nay insistence, for aesthetically beautiful things? Things that functioned AND moved with beauty and sophistication? Yeah, we do, too.

What happened?

It would be difficult to look past the obvious connection between this recent, cold void in the creative universe, and the disappearance of the original iteration of the Carpool Creative Collective some years ago.

Clearly, the two things go hand-in-hand, forever intertwined in history. Cause and effect. With every action... a reaction. Without order... chaos. etc., etc.

So, we are bringing the Carpool back. Streamlined. Efficient. More power under the hood. We're doing this for the greater good, for humanity, and for you. 

We love you.

 - Carpool