Wow... It's been a while

We're really good at a lot of things, but keeping up on the blog isn't one of them. So hard to find the time in the day to knock out a post every once in a while, but so important!

We'll do better — promise!

It's been a crazy year so far, this 2018. Lot's going on. One project we really got to sink our teeth into just wrapped up last weekend. RAGBRAI (huge, annual bike ride across Iowa) had a stop in Iowa City which hasn't happened in like 47 years. Crazy.

The CVB and downtown group asked us to design an entrance arch to welcome the 50k+ riders into town. So we dove in head first, and came up with a solution that included the existing Iowa City RAGBRAI logo along with city landmarks and buildings and notable authors who have roots in Iowa City.  It was a monumental task, and at times touch and go. Couldn't have done it without a lot of partners, volunteers, and the Iowa City road crew, but we love how it turned out.