Full-day, green screen studio shoot for School of Thought video series - Los Angeles, CA.

Take the Carpool Lane! 

Sure, you could sit in traffic like everyone else - frustrated, going nowhere, and wondering why you even started on your project journey in the first place, but you're smarter than that! Be efficient! Find a better way to cut through the congestion and hop a ride with Carpool. We'll get you there lickety-split!

Carpool Creative is comprised of a group of talented and skilled creatives - graphic designers, directors, video shooters & editors, animators, photographers, writers, sound editors, musicians - all collaborating together with the sole purpose of creating beautiful and impactful work.  

We specialize in large-scale video, motion graphics and animation projects - everything from case study and testimonial video series, interview-style videos, product or services web commercials, tone/emotion pieces, compositing and special effects and everything in between.

Paramount to every project we produce is STORY. Every video or motion graphics piece is far more successful, relatable, memorable, and emotionally connective when presented through story. 

The advantages of working with us are profound. We work really well together - all of us with different strengths and skills that can be uniquely applied to your business, organization, or project. We can scale up for larger, more complex projects, or simply get a designer, writer, or videographer going for you for smaller, more focused projects. We also include project management within our team. You're happy. We're happy. Everyone wins.

We keep our overhead low so we can maintain very competitive rates, which of course, is really great for you too!

Get us involved early! Concepting, brainstorming, and creative thinking is what we do best. So drop us a note if you have a hankering for getting a creative project off the ground. We'd love to hear from you. 


Addy Gold Award - NAEP Packaging Video