15 Seconds is... really hard.

Often times, with motion graphics, it can be challenging to fill a lot of time - like 5 or 6 mins (or god forbid, more than this) - with engaging, exciting graphics and animation and keep the viewer interested. No one in this current landscape of web video should be making videos anywhere near this duration anyway, but recently, we were challenged in a different way.

One of our main clients needed a 15 second mograph ad. The video is being aired on the Channel 1 system in a number of high schools across the country, and required to come in at or under the 15 second mark - no more.

This proved to be far more challenging than we imagined, and frankly, it would have been easier to produce a 6 minute video as mentioned above. That said, we loved the challenge, and we think we succeeded. The client was thrilled with the outcome. 

We also created a slightly longer version for their International business. 

(Due to sensitivity of the content, we cannot display the final video here.)